User Name Enter the user name. Press the upper left button to modify the number of copies. Page Darkness Enter the percentage of shading for the watermark text. Abnormal 2nd cassette tray Paper can be fed from cassettes other than the 2nd cassette. Replace the feed motor.

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Configuring toshiba e studio 810 Options Automatically You can configure the options automatically using the Two-Way communication. The Font installer copies both kinds of fonts to the System: Managing The Counter With Master Code Managing the Counter with Master Code If you know the master code for the department code, you can view the counters for all department codes and perform the management functions for the counters, such as registering new department codes, editing or deleting department codes, and resetting the department code counters.

Toshiba e-studio 810 User Manual

Convention indicates features that require the PS3 Upgrade option. Check if the connector of the tray-up motor is disconnected. The tab width rage can be set varies depending on which you select for the paper source: Use Smoothing Function Check the box 80 print the texts and graphics smoothly. This is useful when you want to add or print a cover page toshiba e studio 810 a different color or different size sheet of paper.



Does the tray go up? The department code toshiba e studio 810 not necessarily required to be set for using the printer stueio. Page 44 Click on [Finish]. Page Stored Job Check on this to print the current job as a stored job.

Toshiba E-Studio 810 Digital Copier RECONDITIONED

Page Insert Page Enter the page number where the sheet is to be inserted. You can check the Private Jobs currently saved. Click on the [Options] tab and click on [Option Settings].

Media Type This sets the media type of the paper. Select the setting profile you want to export and click on [Export].

The Private Job option is disabled unless the user name has been set on the User tab. Check if the connector pins are disconnected and the harnesses are open-circuited. When you print to a queue, the job is stored on the GA until it toshiba e studio 810 be processed and printed; when you print to the Direct connection, the job cannot be sent to the GA until the previous job is finished processing, so you must wait longer to use your computer.

The tabs displayed vary depending on the way the print properties are displayed. Toshiba e studio 810 Is the tray-up sensor working?

If you are printing from Microsoft Word, you should set the Microsoft Otshiba options as well before clicking on [OK] to accept settings on the Page Setup dialog. Format Select the format for the print job.


Copy – displays the number of copy jobs that have been toshibba. Click on [Add Port Keep this guide within easy reach, toshiba e studio 810 use it to configure quality printing environment and make the best of Check if the conductor patterns on the feed motor board and LGC board are short- or open-circuited.

Select the printer driver in the Printers folder and click on [File] and select [Properties]. Not Installed – Select this when no hole toshiba e studio 810 unit is installed.

In addition, you can export the department counter information as a file on your local hard disk. The user name is required for printing private and stored jobs.

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Page 65 Optional Paper Feeder This sets whether or not the large capacity feeder is installed. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. TopAccess has a home page that lets you view server functions and manipulate jobs remotely.