With 20x the tracking power of optical sensors, the Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse takes tracking precision to a revolutionary new level. Some days the mouse works fine, but other days it needs to be reset every 20 seconds. Whining and complaining doesn’t get anything accomplished. Some stores still have new ones as I just bought one in a sealed container very rare. I never had any problems with it, apart from some teething problems, but I have those sort of problems with everything technological, cos I have bad luck. But considering it is a laser mouse and is suposedly more accurate and blah blah i expected it to be good for gaming which i have found it is no good at all for gaming a great game to test what i mean is battlefield 2 try and use the mouse to control the tv guided missile no chance in hell unless you click the left button with everything you got.

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However, the first problem I had was that the mouse pads kept falling off. First of all it’s normal to have a certain percentage of mice that are defective in a product line logitech mx1000 laser mouse it’s possible to have a dud.

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Since there isn’t a ball logitech mx1000 laser mouse behavior was particularly annoying. Only problem I had with it when i first bought it was when i lifted up the mouse it used to jump accross the screen, but soon sorted that with logitech mx1000 laser mouse bit of practise of lifting the mouse straight up and not tilting when lifting.

I tried the new Razor Launchises spelled wrong and the extra buttons are hard to reach even with long fingers like mine. I don’t know what the problem is with the USB but it’s not working for me. With enhanced image contrast enabling a 20x improvement, the laser mouse can track on surfaces where the LED mouse cannot.


Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Now wether this is a faulty batch or not I don’t know, but these mice arrived completely flat and take an hour and a half to show a logitech mx1000 laser mouse charge, which makes me suspect that the charging unit is faulty and not putting a full charge in. That’s why any good store has days return policy.

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See all 92 reviews. Logitech mx1000 laser mouse the mouse still had problems, not the least of which was an awkward cord and a sore wrist. Installation installs spy ware and ad ware called back web with default settings 5. As far as best buy getting many returns I don’t doubt that factit isn’t because the mouse is bad thoughit’s because of the salesman that logitech mx1000 laser mouse giving poor advice on which mouse suits which types of customers.

Its purely a recharger and plugs to mains only. Only 1 left in stock – order soon.

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I am a logitech mx1000 laser mouse programmer, and gamer. It is extremely annoying after many years of being able to program windows explorer to open with a click of an assignable mouse button to find that the MX does not allow this function.

Step up to laser and experience the next great advancement in mouse technology! The measure of a surface is defined as the peak-valley surface roughness of that surface.


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I am using it with the laptops internal bluetooth antenna. I hope that you now have enough information, if you need more than visit Logitech’s site Features of the Logitech MX 1.

However, recently it logitech mx1000 laser mouse been really bothering me By the way, the new PC is running Vista. That means 3 years in store exchange for the same model or the one that replaces it.

Try moving around the receiver a bit, I’ve seen this type of behaviour a logifech of times and I think it’s caused by either bad reception of interference.

Can’t reposition the mouse without problems 3. I have exchanged this mouse at the store where it was purchased and am currently attempting to return it a second time. I’ve logitech mx1000 laser mouse a PC tech for 2 decades and still play Great games Like fear, biosphere, etc.

I have called tech support and they claim it works the way it is suppose to. However, the MX Revolution has quality problems that this mouse will not have, simply because the Logitech mx1000 laser mouse has fewer moving parts. This new mouse promises a lot. Also, update to the latest software Pages with related lasrr.