Brightness and readability have taken on a greater importance, as long as a I have a decent mechanism to scroll with which the F provides via the trackpad scrolling zones. Message 10 of The Fus has a pair of Altec Lansing speakers located between the screen and the keyboard. The F does not have a latch to secure the lid, but the last inch or so it puts a lot of downward pressure on the screen. You model probably has similar hardware to the C series. It sort of makes a thud when you close it. Message 1 of

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Compaq Presario F500 Windows Xp drivers (support most F500 models)

You model probably has similar hardware to the Hp compaq presario f500 xp series. The drivers I found to work best are: The underside of the F with the panels removed. Lenovo ThinkPad T60 2. With the extra heat on the F, the fan does run from time to time. You will find drivers and related info under the section labeled 2. The F is not a gaming machine, but the score was in 3DMark05 if you were interested.

Dell Inspiron 2.

HP Compaq F Series Review

Message 8 of If you don’t know what graphics adapter you have, click on the device in the device manager. Two plus hours of battery life seems fair given the machines budget nature.


For having a rather low wattage CPU, the Fus does run kind of warm. Sempron and performance are usually not used in the same sentence, especially where Vista is concerned.

Fompaq bought the Compaq on a whim and hoped for the best. The main vent is located on the rear. The F does not have a latch to secure the lid, but the last inch or hp compaq presario f500 xp it puts a lot of downward pressure on the screen. If someone can help me with this I’ll appreciate it.

I have the same question. Samsung X60 plus Core 2 Duo Xl 2. It is not a Windows disc. While it is fairly firm in most places, it does have some give in some spots, particularly around the J,K,M,I keys. It sort of makes a thud when you close it.

Copyright -Hp compaq presario f500 xp Support Forum. I see “Conexant high definition audio” The only driver that i can’t able to install is controller Video. In the past I always wanted a higher resolution so I could cram as much as I could onto the screen as possible.

You’re very welcome, Max. However, googling for the Nvidia XP drivers will provide solutions. Download the modded inf file allows hp compaq presario f500 xp drivers to install on a laptop. Performance on the drive was good. Driver”, but the Quick Launch driver listed by usflorida in the post above is more current so I comlaq that.


I’ve a Compaq Presario F I can hear the sound only by headphones not by speakers of portable. The touchpad is wide on the F and very smooth.

Hp compaq presario f500 xp can disable the touchpad with a button on the rim of the touchpad which was helpful when writing the review because the cursor had a tendency to jump. Hi, don’t mean to hijack this thread but I am having similar issues in that I am sick of Vista not letting me load or run progs that I used to have no problem with when I had Presadio.

PM the link to me and I’ll cmpaq to assist you there. Fortunately the topside which would include the keyboard, touchpad and palm rests, stayed pretty cool, but the underside of the notebooks gets warm.